Divine Word Missionaries

Catalogue of the Patrick Murphy Memorial Library

Teaching and Christian practices :
Coping with violence in the New Testament /
The permanent revolution : by Hirsch, Alan,
2010Boston :
The gift of anger : by Saussy, Carroll
Contextuality and intercontextuality in public theology :
Jesus : by Martin, James,
Walking the sacred path : by Schutte, Dan
An Experience of spirit : by Shea, John
Not less than everything :


Our main Missiological collection is housed at the Franciscan St Paschal Library on campus, while Biblical studies, Theology, Spirituality, Church History etc. are housed at the Patrick Murphy Memorial Library, as noted on our catalogue.

The library subscribes to a number of missiological journals, these may be read on site but are not for loan. These are indexed in-house.

Welcome to the Patrick Murphy Memorial Library

The Patrick Murphy Memorial Library at Dorish Maru College in Box Hill supports students and academic staff studying and teaching at Yarra Theological Union. Their training programme takes 6 – 7 years. At any one time there are ten or more young men from several different countries studying theology, some priests undertaking further research work, and several lecturers who reside at Dorish Maru College. The education of young men wishing to be involved in missionary work, and developing their own areas of study in Africa, Asia and the South Pacific is a high priority for the Society of the Divine Word (popularly known as the Divine Word Missionaries or SVDs from the Latin Societas Verbi Divini). The library also supports the wider Yarra Theological Union students and staff, and is accessible to all students studying theology with the MCD University of Divinity.


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Library Information

    The library is staffed by Library Manager Siobhan Foster B.A., B.Theol., Dip. Lib. on Thursdays and Fridays from 12 noon to 6pm. Visitors by appointment please.

    Enquiries mobile phone 0412 674 602 or email Siobhan

    Dorish Maru College is located on the campus of Yarra Theological Union in Box Hill, Melbourne.

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